9 Ways to Make Google and Visitors Love Your Website

9 Ways to Make Google and Visitors Love Your Website

People do not think about a search engine to use. When someone is searching for something, he or she simply Googles it. According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, what makes Google unique is that it focuses on the relationship among websites. Other engines rank search terms on how often they appear in searches. 

With the capability to calculate a site’s relevance, Google became the most used search engine in the United States. As time flies, Google progressed to covering 90% of all global searches. That is why most brands and businesses are trying to find ways to make Google and visitors love their websites. Here are 9 tips!

Make It Clear

According to a social media agency Hong Kong, it is important to screen your visitors with a clear mission as they go to your page for the first time. You can either use a slogan or statement for them to clearly know that they are on the right page.

To gauge if you are making it clear for your first-time visitors, check your websites’ bounce rates, entry rates, and exit rates for every page. If a page has a high number of entries but with 90% bouncing traffic, you may need to experiment with making the page content much clearer.

Make It Easy on the Eyes

Organizing the elements of your website’s pages make it easy on the eyes. Employ the power of white space between images and texts. Avoid overcrowding a webpage. It makes an impression of being crammed.

A video marketing agency Hong Kong reminds us that it is also important to make videos that are easy on the viewers’ eyes. This, you can do, by adjusting the aspect ratio and frame rate of the video. The ideal aspect ratio is 16:9, while the ideal frame rate is between 24 fps and 30 fps. 

Make It Easy to Navigate

To make Google and visitors love your website, it is a good idea to have a general page where they can easily navigate the content of your website. It will serve as a table of content that comes with a link to the page where they could access the information they are looking for. The behavior section of Google Analytics gives great insights into how your traffic flows. Rank the pages on your guide according to those which has the most traffic.

Make It Fast

Did you know that 40% of website visitors abandoned a page if it failed to load within 3 seconds? That is why it is very important to optimize the loading time of every page for Google and visitors to love your website. Try to design it for mobile and modern browsers. Such a technique can also improve its functionality.

Make It Focused

Google and visitors love a website that caters to an exclusive niche. It is because a website serves as their go-to reference when searching for categories and topics. Having varied interests or niches on your website is just okay. But it is best if they are limited under one industry umbrella.  A website should be related to a specific group of target audiences. Each of the pages should be relevant to each other. This is how you define a brand or business. 

Make It Legible

Comic Sans was intended for speech bubbles when they were invented. They do not fit formal representations like that of a business website. This is except if the brand’s theme is meant for humor. Times Roman, on the other hand, is the default system for modern-day computers. That is why using them as your website font looks like the website designer not giving an effort on texts. 

To make Google and visitors love your website, the best thing to start with is using a unique font that fits your website theme. Georgia, Karla, Neue, Roboto, Rooney, Tisa, and Verdana can look like aesthetic elements when use in a website design.

Make It Responsive

More than 48% of people search for products and services via mobile devices. That is why it is also important to make a website responsive. First off, optimize the loading time of your web pages. Second, make the text appear moderately convenient for all users.

A text that is too small may not be very clickable and readable among desktop and mobile. A text may be too big to scroll down on the next data. To make Google and visitors love your website, use average-sized texts and proper image formats to make them more responsive. 

Make It Stylish

This is the tie-breaking element to make your website stand out from the rest. Brands and businesses should be creative enough to decide the right style for a website. It should be patterned on the image and mood that a brand or business wants to project.

Using consistent colors, designs, fonts, and logos can make your website stylish enough to be recalled and recognized by website visitors. The key is to use your website style as your unique branding style. 

Make It Valuable

Your website visitors may come and go. But if you are providing valuable content, they will keep coming back to visit your web pages. Remember that a website serves as the brand or business extension online. That is why it is very important to show people a good reputation.

To make Google and visitors love your website, make sure that you are providing accurate and credible information. Share your expertise to help people find the best solution to their pain points. In return, people will help you, and Google will reward you!

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