Digital Marketing Trends of 2022

Digital Marketing Trends of 2022

A lot has changed in 2021 when it comes to digital marketing. According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, modern technology allows social media network to enhance their features and tools rapidly. Even a social media agency Hong Kong notes that privacy policies and transparency demands have shaped these platforms into new directions.

Below are the digital marketing trends of 2022. Brands and businesses considering enhancing their marketing plan this year can use them as a guide to better decide on their strategies.

Influencer Marketing Is Getting Stronger

Influencer marketing means collaborating with content creators and social media users with large followings. They will market and represent a brand in exchange for revenue deals. Influencer marketing is getting stronger as one of the digital marketing trends of 2022. For years, it has proven its power to build and influence communities.

The main reason why influencers can effectively endorse products and services is that they can provide an authentic context and relevance among their followers. B2B brands should also embrace such space. Adobe, GE, SAP, and PWC have already proven influencer marketing as effective. Brands and businesses, on the other hand, should continuously seek for relevant influencers to promote their products and services.

LinkedIn Is Growing

LinkedIn ranks 5th as the most trusted social media network. Even though it does not have a large following like other social media giants, it continues to project a unique niche of being the largest network of professionals. 

During the last 10 years, interest in “LinkedIn” grown by more than 60 percent. With 740 million members, it houses more than 55 million registered companies. As LinkedIn continuously adds features and tools for brands and businesses, its growth rate is expected to climb rapidly this year. That is why marketers should go all-in at LinkedIn this 2022.

Meta Will Create a Name

Last October 2021, Facebook, Inc. rebranded as a social technology company. It has taken a new name called “Meta.” Being the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp, Meta will create a name as one of the digital marketing trends of 2022. 

Metaverse will revolutionize how people in social media by connecting, playing, and working on virtual worlds. It aims to integrate reality with immersive experiences through AR and VR. Meta will be everywhere, being the biggest bet of the future in the world. Thus, marketers should start looking for opportunities within these spaces.  

More Integrated SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is getting smarter. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning allow SEO algorithms to enforce stricter measures against SEO hacks and tricks. To boost SEO this 2022, brands and businesses should target enhancing user experiences.

Digital marketing trends show SEO as no longer just keyword targeting. Every content should provide a meaningful and outstanding user experience. With consumers being on the center stage, brands and businesses should prepare to answer more complex questions and submerge to better mobile optimization. A video marketing agency Hong Kong also highlights the importance of boosting SEO through video titles and meta descriptions.

Word of Mouth Is the New Social Currency

Today, there are 4.5 billion social media users around the world. It covers almost 60 percent of the current global population. With easier access to online communities, comments, ratings, and reviews of modern consumers can make or break a brand or business. That is why they need to create better customer experiences.

Word of mouth is now the new social currency. Brands and businesses get more social attention through user-generated posts. Modern consumers treat UGCS as authentic and credible. These are what they seek before buying products and services.