How to Market Using LinkedIn Events

How to Market Using LinkedIn Events

LinkedIn is the largest global network of professionals. Today, it now has around 90 million monthly active users. According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, one feature of the platform that is gaining popularity is LinkedIn Events. A social media agency Hong Kong notes that such virtual occasions are a great way to brands and engage with audiences. Even a video marketing agency Hong Kong highlights that 75% of LinkedIn businesses now harness the power of live streaming events.


LinkedIn Events are an easier way to create meetups, online workshops, seminars, etc., within the LinkedIn platform. They can be in-person or online. In-person can take place at a physical venue. While online is hosted on virtual platforms, such as LinkedIn or outside of LinkedIn. They can either be streamed live or recorded.

There are two main roles in a LinkedIn Event. These are the organizer and the attendee. The organizer is the host of the event. Through a LinkedIn profile, one can choose the “Create an Event” option and add details like date, itinerary, theme, time, venue, etc., as needed. The “Create an Event” option is available for profiles with more than 150 followers. Organizers can invite attendees or participants to join the event. The attendee can either accept or decline the invitation. Once accepted, the attendee can access details of the event, interact with the list of members attending, and set reminder notifications.


The framework of LinkedIn Events is designed to cover an entire life cycle. LinkedIn members can use in-person events for ceremonial recognitions, deep connections, and organic networking. Virtual Events are great for global outreach, hyper-relevant content, and in-depth learning. While members can take advantage of hybrid events to boost global reach and optimize the accessibility of brands.

The best to market LinkedIn Events is via the LinkedIn Event Resource Toolkit. LinkedIn slowly rolled out Events in 2018. It has been well accepted by the LinkedIn community. Around 90% of event organizers in Singapore believe that they have brought new business opportunities. In Australia and New Zealand, organizers feel confident using the LinkedIn Event Resource Toolkit. While in India, 78% of event organizers said that they will continue using LinkedIn Events.

The LinkedIn Event Resource Toolkit houses the following:

  • An In-depth look at LinkedIn Live
  • Event Templates for Organizers & Speakers
  • Step-by-step guide before, during, and after an event
  • Guide to Event Marketing on LinkedIn
  • Insights and Reports on Events’ Success 

Successful LinkedIn Events are interactive, keep runtime concise, well-planned, and without sales pitches. Brands and businesses should keep it to a minimum of at least once or twice every month to avoid overloading attendees. It is also important to adjust the approach based on the set of the audience attending the event.