Steps to Create Engaging Videos

Steps to Create Engaging Videos

A huge number of marketers today have seen the power of videos. In fact, a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong notes that 94% of brands and businesses agreed that videos boost better understanding of their products and services, leading to sales conversions.

In 2021, a social media agency Hong Kong reports that 18% of brands and businesses engaged in video marketing for the first time. That is why they encounter challenges in making engaging videos.

If you are one of those brands and businesses who want to venture into video marketing this year, here are the basic steps to creating engaging videos, according to a video marketing agency Hong Kong.

Importance of Creating Engaging Videos

There are three main reasons why digital marketers should learn how to create engaging video content.

  • First, videos are great lead generation tactics. They encourage people to check your website, opt-in to your newsletters and possibly make a purchase.
  • Second, videos are a great way to boost brand recall. More than 80% of modern consumers remember a video ad that they have seen in the last 30 days.
  • Third, video marketing is an inexorable marketing strategy this 2022. People are watching more videos online than ever before. Around 9 out of 10 social media users expect to watch more videos this year.

Step 1 – Intro

A video intro should only last between 5 to 7 seconds. It is the hook to an engaging video. The introduction should give viewers a bird’s eye view of why they should watch the video in the first place. It is also essential to set the viewers’ expectations on how long the video will last.

Step 2 – Branding

Think of the video as a mark for your brand or business. Letting viewers know who you are and where else they can connect with your brand can help better engage your viewers. It differentiates the brand or business from its competitors. An animation, audio, brand logo, graphics, and text can boost brand awareness and recall.

Step 3 – Give Them the Value

Value is what makes engaging videos. It means delivering information that you delivered in the intro. The best wave to give value to your viewers is to be a storyteller. Be creative enough to appeal to the users’ emotions as you give them the solutions to their pain points.

Most video marketers fall into the trap of a one-and-done campaign. Video marketing should be a continuous effort, especially in social media. That is why each brand or business should have a video content calendar to outline its strategies. Social proof is also a good way to give value. A user testimonial can build trust and credibility among your audience.

Step 4 – Give Them Advice

Encouragement, recommendations, and warnings can also help create engaging videos. These are forms of advice that let the viewers feel the concern of a brand or business. They also make people feel valued as consumers.

Step 5 – Recap with a Conclusion

To create engaging videos, you must see to it that the viewers remember the highlights of the videos. A quick recap with a conclusion can help them remember the hits within the video.

Step 6 – Call-To-Action

Always remember the mantra of engaging videos – Read, Lead, then Buy. It is the reason why all videos should have a call-to-action (CTA). A CTA can ask the viewers to buy a product, become a follower, subscribe to a list, etc.

Step 7 – Drag at the End

Once you have delivered the CTA, leave a dead time to emphasize it. One pro-tip is to use an arrow pointing to a CTA link. Remember not to just put an end to a video. Highlight the CTA for the viewer to avoid Google’s immediate suggestion of other brand videos.