ILI2206-001 Steps to Perfect Social Media Marketing

Steps to Perfect Social Media Marketing

digital marketing speaker Hong Kong reports that there are around 3.98 billion social media users out of 7.88 billion people in the world. It validates the importance of social media marketing among modern brands and businesses, as a social media agency Hong Kong says. Even a video marketing agency Hong Kong never doubts the importance of nurturing social media communities. If a brand wants to improve its social media presence, here are steps to perfect social media marketing.  

Define the Brand’s Mission

Why does your brand need to use social media? It is the first step to perfect social media marketing. There is a need to define your brand’s mission. It shows what your business does and what impact it wants to make. By clearly defining your brand’s mission, you can communicate your objective and purpose to your social media audiences – customers, followers, partners, and prospects.

Determine the Brand’s Goals

A brand’s goals are different from a brand’s mission. They are small steps on how to achieve the mission. It is vital to list down at least three to four SMART goals to achieve the brand’s mission. When we say SMART, they should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Sensitive. In other words, a brand’s goals are concrete steps to achieving a brand’s mission.

Get to Know Your Competitors

When they say that there is a lot of noise on social media, it means many competitors surround a brand. Getting to know your brand’s competitors make it easier to craft a strategy that makes you stand out. Learn who your closest competitions are. Know what social media platforms they use and the content format they upload.

Identify Your Target Audience

Every product has a target audience. It is the persona who may need a product or service. A critical step to perfecting social media marketing is to define your target audience. Start by using demographics. Filter your target audience according to age group, gender, location, and needs. You can then go over filtering them based on their interests, preferences, and user behaviors.

Pick Your Social Platforms

Not all social platforms are equal. They cater to different audiences. 

  • Around 70% of Facebook users are millennials. 
  • Most Instagram users are keen on fashion and food. 
  • LinkedIn is a network of professionals. 
  • Twitter users love conversations about the latest news and trends. 

List the social media platforms you may want to use and determine the presence of your target audiences in them.

Think About Your Content Strategy

After picking the right social media platforms for a brand, the next step to perfecting social media marketing is to think about a content strategy per platform. Be aware of the content rules and standards for each social media network. Craft content that matches your target audience and social platform. Know when your audiences are present to optimize social media posting.

Use Social Media Tools

Social media platforms offer a lot of features and tools to help a brand in perfecting social media marketing. It can be a wise move for brands to use these analytics and software to improve their online marketing strategies.