Best eCommerce Practices for 2022

Best eCommerce Practices for 2022

Nothing is permanent in this world. As a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong says, the only thing that never changes is “change” itself. Yet, according to a social media agency Hong Kong, despite the changes in eCommerce growth, businesses should follow best eCommerce practices. For a video marketing agency Hong Kong, the most successful brands and businesses today innovate … Read moreBest eCommerce Practices for 2022

Expanding Reach Through Newsletter Advertising

Newsletter Advertising

Lead generation is an important part of a digital marketing strategy. It helps drive traffic to a website and influence sales. According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, the most common lead generation tactic is email marketing. Brands and businesses commonly send an email blast to update their clients and prospects with their latest … Read moreExpanding Reach Through Newsletter Advertising

The Importance of Email in Digital Marketing

Email Marketing

Do you know that email has been around for 50 years now? Yes, it is email’s golden birthday this year! Its history is full of groundbreaking technologies and interesting stories. A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong recognized Ray Tomlinson as the father of email. He sent the first electronic message in 1971 as “QWERTYIOP.” This … Read moreThe Importance of Email in Digital Marketing