Email Marketing

The Importance of Email in Digital Marketing

Do you know that email has been around for 50 years now? Yes, it is email’s golden birthday this year! Its history is full of groundbreaking technologies and interesting stories. A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong recognized Ray Tomlinson as the father of email. He sent the first electronic message in 1971 as “QWERTYIOP.” This is through the US government-funded research called ARPANET – which eventually became the Internet.

Queen Elizabeth II of England was the first head of state to use ARPANET’s electronic mail in 1976. Her username was HME2 which stands for Her Majesty Elizabeth II. In the same year, US President Jimmy Carter used the email on his presidential campaign. It was in 2002 that email went digital. BlackBerry’s 5810 phone was the first mobile device with email capabilities. In 2004, Gmail was launched, raising the bar of email campaigns. Since then, email has become an important part of digital marketing.


Email means transmitted messages via the Internet. In general, it is information sent to individuals and groups via a network. The information contains attachments, images, and text. They are conveyed through a mail server using multiple TCP/IP protocols. People who want to send emails need to register for an email account on the mail server first. The registration will prompt the user to create an email address and password, which the user can use to receive and send messages.

Each email message includes three components:

  • The recipient or sender’s email address;
  • The subject line of the email;
  • The email’s body contains attachments, images, and text.

Today, an email can support attachments of up to 20 MB. It can also support CSS layouts and Hypertext MarkUp Language (HTML) for images and links. 

Email can be used to communicate personally and professionally. Most people used them to communicate with colleagues, family, and friends. Others used emails to connect with organizations and networks around the world. There are times when an email is used to invite or remind people of upcoming events. But the best advantage of an email today is to use it to send marketing campaigns. Most brands and businesses use email marketing for sending newsletters, product updates, promoted content, reviews, and surveys.


There is no better way to prove the importance of email in digital marketing than through statistics. Over the years, digital marketing has developed a large variety of marketing strategies and techniques. These include cold calling, Facebook Ads, SEO optimization, social media posting, videos, TV, etc. But one thing is clear – email marketing remains the most important tool for brands and businesses today. It is likely to remain the same over the coming years based on the following statistics. 

  • Email is popularly used worldwide. The current world’s population stands at 7.9 billion. Out of this number, 4.8 billion people use email. That is almost 61% of the world’s population, and the rate is expected to grow at 5.7% every year. This is equivalent to 700,000 new users daily. Last year, there were around 306.4 billion emails received and sent every day. Although most people will say that it is such a hell of spam, marketing emails continue to convert leads into customers and engage people with brands and businesses. 
  • Email marketing has an attractive return on investment (ROI). An email can give businesses of all sizes an attractive ROI. Brands and businesses with a limited marketing budget need to ensure that their marketing strategy will yield a profitable result. The best thing about email marketing is that you can collect subscribers and send emails for free.
  • The first email blast was sent in 1978 and generated $13 million of sales. Technology has created a lot of new digital marketing techniques, but the ROI of email marketing is still sky-high. Today, it is calculated at 4400%. This means that every dollar a brand or business spends on email marketing delivers $44.00 of profit. This is why when people commonly ask if email marketing is dead, the answer is a resounding NO!
  • Email marketing helps social media boost community engagement and generate leads. A social media agency Hong Kong has noted that email marketing is a perfect support mechanism to boost community engagement and generate leads on social media posts. 

After publishing content on a social media page, marketers commonly send these links via emails. This is to boost the discovery of the content. Among social media followers, brands and businesses continuously engage with them by sending event invitations, newsletters, product updates, promotions, etc. via email. To generate leads, they send out welcome emails and surveys. 

Below are the email open rates among social media platforms:

  • Welcome emails = 82.21%
  • Autoresponders = 29.77%
  • RSS emails = 26.78%
  • Triggered emails = 44.07%
  • Newsletters = 20.48%


People feel excited about seeing their names on their inboxes. This makes email an important part of digital marketing. They still provide wonderful marketing results today. To keep your email more engaging, a video marketing agency Hong Kong suggests adding short video clips to liven your email content. They increase email conversion and open rates by 7 to 13 percent.