Content Marketing

Ways to Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy

The winning approach to digital marketing today is relevance and speed. To achieve this, the best way is through content marketing. A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, highlights that relevance is creating meaningful content. It conveys information that is useful to the audience. Literally, content marketing should provide solutions to the customers’ pain points. 

A social media agency Hong Kong, on the other hand, notes that another challenge to content marketing is posting the right content to reach the right customers at the right time. So, it means speeding up publishing the content to be the first to catch the audiences’ attention. 

Automation tools have made it possible to create and schedule content posting. But such a scale needs careful evaluations. Brands and businesses need to assess the right processes and tools that fit their marketing campaigns. Below are ways to boost your content marketing strategy.


When your content is scattered and unorganized, it results in duplication and wasted time. If it is hard for you to find your content, it will also be hard to show it to your target customers. Here are some pro-tips to boost your content marketing strategy:

  • Centralize your content library. A searchable library allows everyone in the team to easily find content. 
  • Create a content taxonomy. Classify your content according to categories and topics. It speeds up searching for related content. 
  • Tag your content. Tags are a great way to group content. Relevant tags also make it easier to locate relevant content.

Agility means easily finding content on a social media page or website. More than 53% of consumers who struggle to find content perceive a brand as less accurate, relevant, and useful.


Modern consumers expect more than canned sales pitches. The key to a boost your content marketing strategy today is personalization. It makes your target audiences more engaged by feeling a sense of importance among brands and businesses. Modern consumers also hate aggressive sales approaches and spammy messages.  To boost your content marketing strategy’s engagement, follow these pro-tips:

  • Choose the right tech stack. There are lots of customization and self-publishing platforms that brands and businesses can use in their landing and social media pages. It makes marketing available 24/7. 
  • Empower sales through insights and analytics. Machine learning made it possible to gather accurate information about how your ads and campaigns perform in real-time. Use them to find the best performing content that your audiences engage with.
  • Share the wealth. Let others know your expertise and skills in your specific niche or industry. Offer solutions that solve your target customers’ pain points. By continuously doing so, your audiences will become your customers, and eventually, your loyal followers.

Engagement means sharing knowledge to let your prospects realize the value of a brand, product, or service. Most B2B companies that have invested in content engagement tools achieved 240% faster sales cycles.


One of the best ways to boost your content marketing strategy through automation is using the account-based marketing (ABM) approach. It is focusing on audiences with the highest probability of conversion. A video marketing agency Hong Kong has noted that ABM is hot right now, even on live broadcasts and video sharing. As such, brands and businesses need to scale or expand the reach of their content. It is to target groups that are relevant and unique. Some pro-tips to boost your content marketing strategy through scalability are:

  • Curate relevant content. The baseline to scalability is to first establish your intent. Do you want to boost conversion, engagement, or reach? Depending on your goal, curate your tagged content into relevant posts that will suit your target market.
  • Personalize creatively and smartly. There are lots of automation tools today that can personalize landing and social media pages. Use them to discover a well-defined target group.
  • Leverage AI and machine learning recommendations to your marketing approach. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are very smart tools. Besides speeding up content marketing, they can even outrank the quality of work that humans can do. Use their power to make it easier to keep your customers engaged. 

According to LinkedIn, investments in ABM have increased by 29% in the year 2020. 


Automation, AI, and machine learning can greatly help brands and businesses to boost their content marketing strategies. But is automation really meant for you? A quick guide to know is that automation best fits brands and businesses with the following criteria:

  • Only one person is doing all the content marketing works in your team.
  • You concentrate on only one or two marketing channels or social media platforms.
  • Your marketing team has more money than time.

Once all these scenarios apply to a brand or business, you can surely boost content marketing strategy through automation.