What Is a Podcast?

A Podcast is a simple series of digitally-distributed spoken audio files intended to be downloaded on a computer for simple listening. Audio streaming programs and software offer an easy and integrated means to manage a wide variety of personal entertainment queue across multiple podcasting applications and media devices. This enables the user to listen to the program as it updates in real time and provides the ability to schedule a specific time to listen to the audio when the user desires. Podcasts are becoming more popular every day and can be found on just about any type of digital media platform, including the iTunes store, iPods and Playstations.

Pods have become a popular means for people to communicate and to share information online. While a pod may appear similar to a regular audio file sharing software, the differences are many. The ability to play, pause and delete the podcast in real-time and the ability to synchronize multiple podcast feeds make this a superior option to regular file sharing. Not to mention that the software is often times more secure and allows for a better browsing experience.

Podcasts are categorized by topic and are separated into different categories. One of the most popular categories that can be found is called entertainment or information. There are a variety of podcast directories that are available to consumers on the internet where they can find and download a wide variety of podcasts based on the specific category.

Information podcasts are very similar to audio podcast directories except they provide a comprehensive directory of all types of information, no matter if it’s news, entertainment, or personal. They are very much like the radio or television news and information category and provide users with the ability to listen to the news at any time. These types of podcasts are also usually more detailed and focused and provide viewers with information about the story of the day or week.

Entertainment podcasts are designed for the avid podcast listener or casual podcast enthusiast. These are often more of an entertainment or informational category and provide the listener with the ability to listen to new releases and the hottest news in a variety of genres. These podcasts are typically shorter and feature the latest music hits or pop culture related news stories.

Popular podcast directories are designed to be interactive and allow the user to search for a list of categories and even categories by category or keyword. This allows users to easily browse and choose the right podcast for them and their particular preferences. Podcast directories are available online for free and can be searched through the use of a search engine.